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The site is currently being worked on and updated. My Name is Robert and I’m sure you’ll love the content we are creating especially if you are into SEO, Rankings, Domains and Internet Marketing in general.

I personally believe that blindly following what GURUS say about SEO is nuts. If you have a question about a specific point, the best answer you will get will be from your own testing and the second best answer will come from the test results of others. Considering that testing things in SEO / IM could cost you a few bucks and/or some hours of work (and a bit of tracking/waiting time), you really should incorporate this into your business activities.

You’ll be surprised how many myths are busted by simply testing. For example, if you are not sure what keyword density your post should have, instead of spending the next days/weeks learning from conflicting sources, you could simply make 3 posts on your website optimized for an easy to rank keyword and then stuff the **** out of one of the post with that keyword. Let the 3 posts have variying degrees of keyword density and then track the results.

*HINT: The higher the keyword density (within reason), the better you will rank (till you hit the point of diminishing returns obviously).

You’ll get your answer in less than 2 weeks and that answer will be the most accurate you’ll ever get.

On, you’ll be able to read our tests and case studies. Once in a while, we may find an interesting product that delivers actionable information to test and review for you.

You are free to then comment and ask questions and if we have an answer based on the results we got, then we’ll gladly give it to you.

So thanks to visiting and please check back on us as we finish up the site.

For now you can enjoy our available posts:

Best wishes in your endeavours.


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