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Contacting My Target Prospect. Client SEO Journal Part 2

Updated on May 27, 2019

Ok, I’m back from the holiday period “rest”.

Even though I have been doing light tasks, preparing to reopen my Amazon store and getting things struck off my to-do list, I didn’t make progress with the SEO local lead generation task I am focusing on in this journal.

I feel ashamed to even mention it considering real go-getters work while others rest and party.

Anyway, here I am again and I have finally created a real schedule and timetable for work along with a daily routine to do in the morning before I switch on the pc to start work. This includes stretching, a shower and dressing up nicely (sorry pyjamas).

Today I emailed the owner of a local swimming pool and accessories simply asking if they will be able to send an estimate/proposal to my leads who are interested in installing pools or whirlpool bathtubs.

This guy was very interested in SEO services for his very old school website but was always flaky when it came to starting. He is not sold on the usefulness of the internet for business generation and still uses pool displays, paper advertising and trade shows etc to generate business.

It’s extremely sad because he has invested millions into his business premises which include a working swimming pool just for show. Yet his website is so badly made, the designer actually used images to display header text which should be in H tags. Salt to injury, the images are named with random characters like ahdfbadhejbahdbj.png. What a waste.

He got back to me with an answer within the hour saying “of course, send them over to X email…”

So now the real work starts. I am going to get leads in every way possible including ppc and videos. Initially, the first few leads will be a free sample.

After that, we will discuss if he wants fo to continue to receive the leads and the price per lead based on his return per installation/sale (which is not little btw). If he doesn’t, I’ll simply take my leads to the next company.

Once all is set up for this client, I will move on to the next niche. I plan to stick to blue-collar businesses like pools, roofing, heating etc

As the journal continues, I will update with more information on what exactly I am doing as well as my strategies.

See Y’all soon.


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