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My Pay Per Lead Client SEO Journal Intro

Updated on September 21, 2018

Here is my journal that will be used to keep myself accountable. I have been doing SEO (mostly for personal sites and Affiliate marketing) for 10 years now and I now want to tap into the client SEO market.

I will be taking the local pay per lead SEO route specifically focusing on ranking my own properties and then renting them out or selling the leads (more the latter). I intend to blanket the google results with my web properties like blogs, videos etc in the long run but I am not waiting weeks for SEO traffic to come through. I will be including PPC/PAID traffic as well.

Now, this is a plan I haven’t even told my wife. I noticed that whenever I told her grandiose stories of what I will do online and how great the results will be, I end up not really succeeding. So it will be hush hush while I get the job done. Only when I make it will I show her the results.

This is just a short intro and I will be posting my progress a couple of times a week. NO… This journal is not going to go cold and I won’t be disappearing to anywhere. If I don’t make it I will come back and mention it here and close the journal.

A couple of my other projects may do cameos here and there in this thread. I intend to also do a bit of affiliate marketing in this same market.

What I have done in the last couple of days:

  • I have gotten an expired domain I will be using and will register a fresh domain which will be a clone and worked on simultaneously.
  • I have gotten the webhost in the country I’ll be targeting.
  • Theme has been chosen and this will be customized to be used repeatedly to clone/launch new sites in related markets.

I had to make this thread tonight before going to bed because I started getting affected by analysis paralysis. I have spent too much valuable time “learning” and watching videos instead of starting a process I fully understand.

So that’s it.

My journey begins here in this venture and it’s now before me and everyone here that I have decided to set off.

Please check out my other posts and feel free to comment and get in touch with me if you have any questions or you just want to discuss with a fellow SEO and Internet Marketer.

Will be right back with an update.


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