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Project 24 By Income School Review

Updated on November 28, 2019

Project 24 By Income School – Let Me Show You What’s Inside…

Welcome to this review of project 24, a product by the guys at Ricky and Jim. In this review, after looking over the product completely, I’ll be applying my usual no-nonsense approach and will let you know straight-up if it’s worth it to join the program or not.

Product Type: Audio/Video training course, Online Community.
Project 24 Price: First year for $449 then $199 / year Subscription

To be clear and straight to the point:

Question: Is most of the content in the paid course already discussed on the income school Youtube channel and can you build successful niche sites with that free content?
Answer: Yes and of course. This review will tell you what you get if you choose the paid option.

Introduction to

Income school founded by Jim Harmer and Rick Kessler is an incredibly successful niche site training program and they both run very popular YouTube channel. These guys have managed to make niche sites, an incredibly boring and laborious form of Internet marketing, exciting to learn about.

A picture of Income School Main Website

Their incredible passion and enthusiasm for this is contagious and it’s no wonder why they basically came out of nowhere and exploded onto the scene. Their YouTube channel has blasted past some famous niche site YouTube channels to become one of the leaders (if not the leader at the moment).

They are fun to watch and are very good teachers.

Making “Making Niche Sites” Great Again! What Is Project 24?

Well, similar to what someone very popular once said, let’s make “niche sites” great again.  This is exactly what income school is all about and in their latest product called project 24, the plan to take you through the steps needed to generate a website or a bunch of websites that will replace your full-time income in about 24 months. That’s the premise, now it’s time to see if the course delivers on this promise.

Project 24, once called niche site school, consists of video training, PDF e-books, audio podcasts and a very supportive online community.

So, After Creating So Much Free Content, Is It Possible To Have Something Different In The Paid Course?

This is a very difficult thing to do especially when you start out in a very transparent way as Jim and Rick did. If you’re a follower of the YouTube channel then you know almost all of their websites. You know their keywords, you know their traffic, you know the tactics and you know their earnings. So what can a course behind a paywall give you that you can’t already get for free on their YouTube channel?

This is what I will be exploring in this review so let’s get started.

Quick Personal Advice.

Let me just start by saying that if you believe you need to have the latest shiny objects and you’re itching to spend your money but you know deep down you have little intention of following through with the system, I ask you please, please, close this page and abandon your intentions to buy this course.

Like most courses, this is a guide to hold your hands and help you achieve the goal that you want. There is a community that will answer your questions and you get access to Jim and Rick, but if you don’t do the job, if you don’t write the content or employ someone to do that on your behalf. You are not going to make it. Here below is the proposed timeline, 24 Months.

The timeline of project 24 months system

I always start my reviews by saying this because I personally have also been the victim of shiny object syndrome. Distractions in the Internet marketing world come every day and those that succeed happen to have one thing in common, they can focus on a single system and blank out all of the other noise no matter how interesting and shiny it is.

So now that that’s out of the way let’s see what inside the course.

What Do You Get Inside The Project 24 Niche Site System?

– Project 24 carries over the fundamentals of niche site school which is the 60 step action plan.
This is a list of 60 steps starting from the very beginning up to more advanced tactics needed to create a profitable website. It is backed up by video training. This is where the rubber meets the road. You will have to follow through with the 60 steps if you want to succeed in the project 24 system.

– Video Training, Picking Profitable Niches.

This is a video course about 50 minutes long in which Jim and Ricky take you through the basic steps of finding any site. This is a tried and tested system by them and is what they use on a daily basis to get niche ideas.

profitable niches jim rick

No keyword tools needed, no KGR, no expensive subscriptions needed to pay to get access to these niches. Project 24 offers simple common sense explanation on how to get traffic keywords most Internet marketers would laugh at and fully ignore when creating websites. A quick hint if you don’t know is using Google auto-suggest function as well as also searched for keywords on Google.

– Video Training, No Nonsense SEO.

This is a video course about 50 minutes long in which Jim and Rick take you through their version of SEO. Typically, the guys over at income school do not believe in wasting time on link building. But there are basic on-page SEO tactics needed to make sure that your website is attractive to the Google search engine results.

no nonsense easy seo

Quality content is what is preached by the income school guys so you wont be bothered by having to write guest posts for others was spending all of your time researching link building tactics. I personally am a links guy, I’ve been building links for the last 10 years, but even I have an open mind and I can understand why they don’t focus on this. This is their way and it seems to be working well for them.

– Video Training, Intense Training On Creating Content.

This is the main training and it consists of a series of videos that will take you through the creation of Response, Staple and Pillar posts for your website. It is the largest most detailed part of the course as the project 24 system entails writing lots of content for your website.

creating content, staple, pillar, response posts

– Video Training, Web Traffic Snowball.

This is a video about 55 minutes long on how to drive traffic to your website consistently. How to use social media especially youtube to start getting traffic to your websites while it’s growing in the Google search engine ranking pages.

project 24 youtube traffic guide

You will learn how to produce quality videos to promote your website.

– Video Training, Email Marketing Course.

This part of the course also consists of PDF guides written in the step-by-step format. The goal of building a list is to be able to acquire the following which you can target again and again with quality content and offers and promotions. Building a list according to most marketers is building a treasure, as traffic system can come and go but your list will always belong to you and will be a source of traffic whenever you need it.

– Video Training, Internet Myth Busting

There is a whole video dedicated to myth busting and I don’t have to tell you that the KGR (keyword Golden Ratio) is well covered here. I personally don’t believe in the KGR but I understand if it works for some.

I know from my long years of experience that very high keyword density in a short article usually ranks very well, in some cases better than very long-form content, but I can’t say this for a fact and make it a rule for everyone. I can’t say this because I don’t work for Googles’ algorithm department and what works for me is not a universal fact. This is the reason why the guys over at income school are not very fond of the Keyword Golden Ratio Rule.

KGR myth by income school

It severely excludes a lot of keyword possibilities because it based on the fact that you need accurate search data which is not available to us. This video course goes deep into the reasons why you should just forget about it while showing real-life examples from Jim and Rickys’ websites.

– Video Training, How To Hire And Train Writers.

Creating niche sites is 80% content writing. So whether you write yourself or you employ someone to write, content must be done for the website to become a reality. While Jim and Ricky advocate you always start writing by yourself so that you can set the tone for the website, in the long run, having external writers is the way to go to increase significantly the amount of content on the website. It’s simple basic mathematics how much content will be made if more people were writing instead of one person.

Hire and train writers project 24

It is all outlined in this training video on how to hire and train your writers. There is even a training video for the writers themselves. And all you have to do is send this video over to the person you employ to learn how to write based on the project 24 system.

– Professional Photography Video Course from

There is a bonus course in photography and this is carried over from Jims’ improve photography course. If this is of interest to you then it’s a welcome bonus. It’s very detailed with more than 20 videos on specific photography lessons. From the intro to aperture, to shutter speeds, to focus, to lenses, to tripods, to flash, to Lightroom basics, it’s all in there.

professionally shot video course on photography

– Video Training, Project 24 Members Site Reviews

So far there are more than 10 websites that are fully reviewed in the course. This is a section where members of the project 24 system send over their websites and what they’ve done so far to Jim and Rick and get a review. You can follow along as Jim and Rick expose mistakes and give advice based on what the site owners have created so far. This is a very interesting section on the course as you get to see someone niche site critiqued and improved on.

– Downloadable Files, List of Niche Site Ideas Scored.

  • Included in project 24 is a list of over 350 niche site ideas scored on a set of rules like difficulty, seasonality, potential traffic, evergreen content, if trending up or down, affiliate potential as well as a note by Jim and Rick about the niche/keyword.
  • Also included is a timeline of site creation compared to months of work with a resulting predicted income over 24 months. This is to be a guide as to what you stand to gain if you strictly follow the system as laid out.

– Project 24 Podcast. 2 Seasons/Series So Far

In this section of the project 24 course, Jim and Ricky speak in audio podcast format about 1 of their website and how they improved the income from just around $2000 a month to over $5000 a month by the end of the first season series. So far there are about 15 episodes spread over 2 seasons. The first season goes deep into monetisation which is very important when you’re creating websites. They speak about using ads to supplement Amazon affiliate income and by the end of the series the ad revenue surpassed the Amazon revenue almost on a 2-to-1 basis. The second season focuses on project Rexburg. You can find out more about this ambitious project here on my site.

project 24 podcast from income school

Access to Insider Information on Project Rexburg.

Jim and Ricky just launched project Rexburg. They have already rented a house which will be converted into an office space and have set it up to become a content-producing office. They plan on employing students from the Brigham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho. to write for them. This will be mass producing operation for niche sites and specific URLs, information updates about progress will be revealed only to members of the project 24 course for the initial stage of the project. Regular YouTube subscribers will be able to find out about this after about 6 months.

project rexburg office building

– Online Community & Mobile App.

This is the most important part in the real reason why you are paying to get into the project 24. It’s access to the project 24 community. This is a community of hard-working students following the system some of which carry over from the old niche site school. There is nothing like being together with other like-minded individuals where you can get quick answers to your questions, share your results and keep yourself motivated in this long boring process.

The community of project 24 and phone app

This is the real reason why you join project 24 as a good amount of the course content is available on the YouTube channel already.

My Take On If, Why Or When To Join Project 24.

In Conclusion. My Opinion on Project 24

So now you know all that you get inside the project 24 course. As a guy coming from public blog networks PBNs, linking, getting slapped around by Google, I’m very open-minded to this system where the focus is mostly on quality helpful content. I have watched all of the income school YouTube videos and now that I’ve looked through the project 24 course I can say that these guys are legit.

They are transparent, they have shown to everyone their websites, their traffic, keywords, income and this is something that not many do online. It is the reason why they are so successful and followed so if you want to get access to them on a personal basis then project 24 is the place to be.

But I always advise, as someone who wants always to have the best bang for his buck, to start a website based on the information provided on freely provided info first (thankfully, in this case, there is a tonne of it). Get it up to a certain level where you start seeing steady traffic and then if you decide to increase the potential of the website you can invest in this course.

So is it for you? It depends. Now you know what’s inside the course, it’s up to you to make the decision. If you have the budget and want to be guided in this process, then I recommend this program. You must remain committed and see it through.

If you are on a shoestring budget, you can still follow the free videos on the income school youtube channel and build yourself a nice little website. Use the little you have to invest in hiring writers to help you produce content. If you DO have money to spare and feel a strong need to join this program then go right ahead. Just remember that once you get in, you must follow through with the system. I can’t begin to explain the regret you will feel if you don’t and allow your money to go to waste.

If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll try to get back to you. I will be updating this review as more content comes through in the course and if there is any specific information I need to pass on to you guys.

Thanks for reading so far and I hope this review helps you find out more about this course. I hope to hear what you think about it in the comments.

As always, I wish you the best in your endeavours.



DISCLOSURE: I’m an affiliate of this product and as you can tell from the review above, it does not sway my opinion on the course.

Blog post transcribed from speech to text using Dragon Professional Individual 15. Dictating with a Jabra UC Voice 750 into a Sony digital voice recorder ICD-312-PX. Apologies for strange/random grammatical errors.

This Post Has 47 Comments
  1. Thank you for this thorough review, it is really helpful.
    I have been watching different free youtube channels for almost a year, and ‘income school’ is one of the best.
    However, I always feel that there is something missing or ‘hidden’ in free channels – I am not sure if this is the case for income school- and you only can find it in paid courses. And one more thing, I believe that in paid courses everything will be much more organized especially for beginners.
    What do you think?

    1. Yes M. Akeel, most times there is something hidden in the free channels as you mention and usually you are funnelled to get the paid version for the hidden gem. In the case of Income school, it’s the other way round. EVERYTHING is in the free content and it’s up to you if you want to join the self motivating community in the paid course. The course is organised but as you can see from this review, so is the Youtube content. Choose a niche, get keywords suggested by google for your niche, then write write write. If you don’t start writing you’ll never make it. Even if you paid for the course right now and finished the content in a day, your very next task will be to start writing or hire someone to write.

      1. Is there a reason for purchasing the course, if all the info we can get from the course is the same with what we got from youtube channel?

  2. This is a really great review.

    I only heard about these guys today and am impressed by their youtube videos.

    My biggest sticking point is knowing if I am choosing the correct niche. I am willing to work hard and write, but if all I can get from this course is someone like Rick or Jim helping me to evaluate my niche, then I’ll buy it.

    Imagine spending hours and days on a niche that is wayyyy to competitive…then I would waste more than what this costs.

    If I can have someone personally point me towards the right direction on the niche and angle then I would invest in this!


    1. Hi Ravi, thanks.

      Jim and Rick are pretty busy guys. This is why they made the 60 steps part of the course so comprehensive with guides and videos all the way. Following it should get you set on the right road. They teach you to fish, you try it and put in the work and then you can send them over your site for review and help.

      As mentioned in the review, especially for you that just found out about them, go back and watch their videos from the beginning and that should put you in the right position to start a site right away. Then you will know if you need the extra support provided by project 24.

      Remember that in this line of business, there is no failure but only experience to gain.

      Wish you all the best.


  3. Hello,

    thanks for the review. Wish that I read this before I bought the “Project 24 package”. Right now I am currently in the process of building a site, but frankly: as a digital marketer, I already knew 90 % of the stuff that can be found inside the project.

    It all comes down to:

    – Build a decent-looking website that does not necessarily look too good.
    – Create long, unique content.
    – Remember to use pictures that you have taken yourself.
    – Wait 24 months.

    1. “but frankly: as a digital marketer, I already knew 90 % of the stuff that can be found inside the project.”…

      Unfortunately Amund, as experienced marketers, this is a disappointment we all face. The excitement to spend money is high, then when we get in, all we find is a wake up slap and a finger pointing in the direction we knew we had to go anyway (but we were procrastinating), “GO WRITE THE CONTENT”….

      The redeeming fact with Income school is that these guys are legit and truly care for the success of their students


      1. You are right. Absolutely right.

        I guess this is also why the “best affiliate marketing gurus” rather want to teach their tricks to others than spending all of their time creating niche sites. It seems to be more money in simply learning away a trick or two. Went into the “Income School Sites” where they tell us how much they earn per site. Income school = 60,000 USD/month, which is WAY more than any of their other sites. There is a reason for that.

        By the way, I totally agree that the Income School guys are 100 % legit.

        1. Yep,

          Alex Becker was sleeping on his mattress which was on the floor of his 1 bedroom apartment, when he started making videos showing his websites ranking with high pr domains. People went crazy about the fact that he showed his urls and keywords (even thought the sites hardly ever made money) and he became a millionaire off of a couple of grand investment.

          People like me however kept all our secrets to our chest, never sold courses and remained “just successful enough, but never massive” lol.

          That’s life and business.

    2. You forget SEO which is the main thing.
      Use Quora, Reddit and Pinterest.
      Success may come in 24 months but not guaranteed.

  4. Hey guys, I’ve been following the income school youtube channel for over a year and my small niche site just recently started to make over $200 per month. It took a long time and I gave up many times but kept the site and kept coming back to add content when I got motivated. You have to stick to it and keep building it up.

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us Shintu. Consistency is the key, my huge congratulations on your success. It only gets better from now on.


  5. I have purchased other courses, which I have used extensively, but am not fully satisfied with. Would you suggest I move over to these guys, or try to finish things off with create and go?

    1. Hey Jack, what do you feel was missing in the course you bought that prevents you from moving forward? I’ll be able to tell you if you’ll find that in project 24.

  6. Thanks for your review.
    I agree that a person should attempt to get a site up and running themselves before jumping into a “bright shiny object”. I made that mistake and I won’t name the training course.
    Income school training has the student creating a lot of content in a rather short period of time. And I don’t believe good quality work can be created in that time frame. I write as a technical writer and I value quality work, packed with information, images and videos. That takes time.
    I do want to pull the trigger and take the course in 2019 as I spent my budget for training in 2018.
    Thanks again for your review.

    1. Thanks for your comment Robert. Do feel free to pass by once again when you are up and running with the course and niche site.

      Wish you all the best.


    2. They lay out how much time content takes, and it’s not that much. The pillar posts can take a couple of days, but the other posts are more like an hour (for the answer posts) to three hours for staple posts if you do them yourself. Check out their video on how to write content and you’ll see how they do it.

      The pillar content, yes, does take some time. But you’re not making all those. If you have 35 or so articles, only 10 will be like that. The rest are shorter, so you can churn out the totality of your content in 30 to 90 days without hiring writers depending on how much free time you have.

  7. Been in the course almost a year. If you have the time to watch every single one of their Youtube videos and know a bit about WordPress you won’t learn anything new in the course.

    You also have to work fast. The majority of the people in the course are taking all day to write one blog post, but the course was designed to write at a speed of 1,000 words per hour. I think most members in the community there feel stuck because they bought the course, but no one dares say anything in hopes that the traffic will come.

    There are a few people who are making a few hundred $$$ or so a month, but this is a course that sells over $30,000 in $350-memberships every week, so you do the math to figure out the percentage of people who are actually earning anything and figure what your rate of success might be. I honestly would have saved my money if I could go back. Waaaay too much work, and the 30 posts is just the start. You have to think about writing 100, 200, 300 blog posts eventually to earn that steady full-time income. I will cancel my membership once it comes up for renewal. This course is like taking 18 credit hours in college in a semester, where you have to write a 10-page essay every single day.

    1. Believe me Enni, I know exactly what you feel.

      I have been through this many many times but have now forced myself to abstain from spending my money on anything except it is a software, a service etc. The only other exception is to invest in products I’ll like to review/teardown on my site or youtube channel.

      I said in an earlier comment that the urge to spend money is so great when we have that exciting bubbly feeling of a new journey, hobby, project etc even though we actually know what will be on the other side of the purchase. We will be reminded that the results come only by consistent and deligent hard work. What hurts is that we spend money to find this out.

      A very small percentage of people will suceed. Project 24, as good a course for beginners as can be, will be one of such mass gathering of people looking for results with only a small percentage of dedicated people succeeding.

      Thanks for your comment and please feel free to drop by again.


      1. Thank you so much for this review Rob, it’s the first time I’ve read an article from you and I appreciate your honest, yet sensitive approach. I’m new to this internet thing and have made a small website providing small website services. I’ve been learning a lot over the last 6 months and I want to find ways to build a site that will produce income more passively over time. I’ve read a lot about blogging and niche sites and have watched a lot of the income school videos. Those guys sell very well and I was seriously thinking about it but the bottom line you have covered so well in that it comes down to writing, a lot of writing, a lot of research, a lot of studying techniques to market that content, seo, social media, email marketing, funnel pages etc etc etc. To be honest, it’s actually all pretty paralyzing unless you break it down. I think it’s when in this overwhelmed space we are the most vulnerable and also the most ripe for the pickings of courses like project 24. I’ll hold on to the funds I currently don’t have and take your advise, use the free “bait” content out there that helps enough to get things going. Thank you.

        1. Thanks for this comment Mark. It all does come down to writing and to be honest, the free youtube videos already lay this down in simple terms. I don’t know how manay times I have to say this about the youtube videos being QUITE comprehensive (and the dictionary defines comprehensive as “including or dealing with all or nearly all elements or aspects of something”). You mentioned it being “free bait”, in this case however, it is a full blown medieval royal feast. Eat till you can’t get up and walk kind of feast.

          P24 is now around $449 I believe. Look for a small niche, find all the keywords suggested by google using the free google search engine page or free keywords like keywordshitter. If you were to dedicate a budget of 449 usd and blow it (like rappers do) on getting content written for those keywords. Not on BS like 1 year hosting or wordpress themes. Blow it on content ONLY and populate your default wordpress theme blog with a ton of articles. Write as much as you can yourself but don’t go crazy.

          I tell you, if the niche is moderately ok (it is solving peoples problems or answering important questions) and your monetization is good with affiliate products/offers, your 449 bucks will be returned to you way before 24 months expire.

          And you want to know whats going to happen??? I’ll tell you.

          You are going to be damn PROUD OF YOURSELF you did it. You created a business without having to pay someone to tell you to go create a business.

          Take care.


    2. Honestly; The reason for the little % of succesful people is the reason you are negative about the course. Not trying to be rude, but trying to point this out to you and everyone that reads your comment.

      What did you expect? Did you expect to replace your income by writing just a few hours a month? Seriously, what are 150 articles? That’s 300 hours of work. That is just 7,5 full workweeks that will eventually replace your income, passively!

      It’s all about investing. I am more than happy to invest my time into writing these 30 articles. You have to look at in on the long term. I have a Dutch website that makes some nice income and I might invest that into hiring writers for the project 24 website since I’m not a native speaker.

      As I said, I’m not a native speaker. Still I managed to write 7 high quality articles already in just 2,5 weeks. You will need dedication for this, or you’ll end up like 99% of the people. Working your ass off on a job and never experience real freedom.

      1. Thanks for your comment Tim. You are looking at this from another perspective (successful owner of an income generating site) and I appreciate you taking the time to post.

        Still, I also understand Ennis frustration and sometimes, people should be allowed to vent out. As with all things, if you put the consistency and dedication you will succeed at anything. I am sure Enni knows this.

        Just like placing 1 block on top of another to build a house. It’s hard work and only consistency can result in a completed house.

        My end recommendation in this review is to start and build something using the free material. Once you get to a good spot, then you can reinvest in your business and training. Just like you are planning reinvesting one sites’ profits into another.


  8. Can you build a successful niche site using the strategies outlined in the course if you are not the face of the blog (for example use a pen name)? I notice both Ricky and Jim are the face of their blogs – which helps them also promote the blogs on youtube – which would be a challenge if you use a pen name.

    1. Yes you can and it has always been this way. Just recently did people start using their real information on their websites. It’s your call what identity should be on your blog.

  9. I’m not sure whats more beneficial. The comments or the transparent review. I’ll be honest I love these guys. The other day they did a live Q & A on youtube giving out their cell number for ppl to call in on and ask questions live on the air. WTF!!!??!!! who doese that, but its what makes them so great. They have a ton of great of information, and I would love to actually buy their course to see this 60 step curriculum. But with all the scams, and lackluster courses I have boughten over the years there is no way I am paying $450 for an internet course. I purchased a course from one of the top bloggers in the world last year. He is completely invisible inside his course. That consists of, ” how to install wordpress, which plugins to install, and an SEO section that I kid you not has a one page diagrim to teach his students about SEO. And the facebook group is filled with questions concerned with logo designs critiques & “what should I name my site”? Absolutely useless!

    These guys are great, but………

    A)There is no contact email/portal anywhere on the site
    B)There is no satisfaction guarantee or refund policy of any kind
    C)Not only is their price quite loftier than almost every other course on the internet is has an expiration date?!!!!!!???? For that kind of money it should be a lifetime membership. ESPECIALLY IF YOUR MAKING $60,000 a month!!! Thats $720,000 a year!!???!!! you need another $200 from me a year from now incase you updated 1 or two video lessons??? NO!! No thank you.
    D)If they care so much about there students success then why doesn’t carry over into their presale availability. E)There isn’t even any information on their affiliate page regarding payout structure. Is it a percentage? Flat fee? Paid daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? What????

    You have every right to run a site, online school or whatever any way you want. But if you don’t respond to comments on your own site, youtube channel and have no contact email page/portal/gateway in an era full of internet scams how am I supposed to have any confidence in purchasing your product under this type of circumstance?

    Great review. Thank you to the all the commentors who pulled back the curtain even more.

    Warm Regards

    1. Thanks for your awesome comments, Cody. Wow, where do I even start? You covered so much.
      1. The price of the course is high but that’s what happens when you are successful. I guess they wanted to filter out those not really interested in doing the work by increasing the price 100 bucks this year, but they are still selling memberships like hot cakes.
      2. There isn’t any contact info on their site and I don’t even know the address of Income school LLC. They said in one of their videos that they don’t want to be bogged down with emails and inquiries and that’s why they don’t have their contact info out there.
      They do have a membership forum and are very very active in there. But you can see that the forum is full of newbies, many of which will never make enough to cover their investment in the product, sadly.
      3. Very strange there isn’t much info on their refund policy (if they have one).
      4. Price is high high high, but that’s up to them to decide what value to put on their product.
      5. Affiliate commission is 100 usd paid out at the beginning of every month after the sale was made.
      6. TBH their sales page looks like an afterthought. It is still highly successful because potential buyers already know what they are going to get thanks to the massive amount of free info already out there.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Thank you for this review and the honest comments. So far this is the only review of Project 24 I’ve seen that isn’t a blatant attempt to sign up affiliates. It seems there is very little transparency or honesty in internet marketing and niche site info. So it’s nice to see that with this review and from the guys at Income School.

    I have been going back and forth about purchasing the course for months now. But like many others have said, the price is hard to get over. I have no doubt Project 24 contains a lot of useful information, but it sounds like I’m better off creating a lot of high-quality content and watching their Youtube channel instead of looking for some “magic bullet” in the course to make my site successful.

    1. Thanks Sam for your compliments and comment. I dont know how I missed seeing and replying to your comment earlier. You are very right, there is no magic bullet.

      You are well enough creating content for your sites and seeing if this is even something you want to do before sinking in a big investment.

      Let’s not forget that even after getting into P24, you still need more money to pay for hosting, buy domain, invest in photos, hire writers at 20-50usd an article etc etc etc.

  11. Thanks for the review. I also believed that there must be something ‘secret’ or missing that would suddenly be revealed behind the (very expensive) paywall, but that isn’t the case. I really like these guys and everything they talk about makes sense. However, if you watch their whole YouTube channel in chronological order (and I mean all of it, except perhaps the podcasting stuff right at the start) – you’ll have everything you need to know.

    I bought the course, but because I’m not that bothered about the community aspect (if you are, you could use Reddit instead), I wished I’d spent my money on hiring writers instead! If you NEED hand holding and support by others, you’ll find the community helpful. Otherwise, you don’t need the course. For example, it says it’s a 60-step process, but 30 of those are literally “write a blog post”. Write, write, write. No magic bullet. Hope this helps people thinking of shelling out.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ginger. I agree that the money would be best spent hiring writers but most people will have to find this out themselves to believe it.


  12. Thank you so much for saving me $449 dollars!! Wish I could give you some affiliate commission just for that. I was about to enroll in Project 24, but first I will rewatch all the Income School videos in chronological order, take notes, and write, write, write!! I’m not afraid of 200 or 300 articles. If I only write 1 a day, I’ll be set in less than a year! If I have to wait 24 months after I get these articles published to see results, well then that’s a full time income in 36 months instead of 24. I’ll take it! 36 months is better than never!

    1. Wow Elizabeth, thanks for this comment. I have received my commissions in happiness from your comment. Thank you 🙂 It’s so motivating to see you have the right attitude for this business. If you PUBLISH (note I said publish) consistently 3-6 articles per week on keywords suggested by google search that are questions or answers to problems, you will start seeing massive results in around 6-9 months. Remember, you just have to PUBLISH something, even if it is a 300 word answer to a question. I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and it works all the time. I start a small blog post with all my keywords targeted in it so I can start ranking in google even before I come back to add more content to make it longer and longer. If you search for “shotgun skyscraper blueprint” in google, you may see my post ranking in the top 4 of google. But if you look at my post itself, it has less than 300 words in it. But it is incredibly targeted and optimized for my keyword. I am already ranking even before I know what I need to write. Check out this subreddit about people like you who started and took action and got results It will keep you motivated. If you ever need to talk to someone or if you get stuck, let me know and I’ll see if I can help. take care

  13. Wow, your unbiased review was so refreshing to read. I’ve been subscribed to income school for about a year. I started a blog about 2 months ago and their video about how it could take 6-12 months to see results was eye opening for me. I’ve watched other “gurus” and no one brings that up. It’s always – “Make money quick!”. So, I knew these guys were legit but hard-pass on the course as I’ve learned a lot from just reading yours and others’ comments!

    1. Thanks for your awesome comment Trace. I am getting a bit overwhelmed with the positive response to this review which I though would rub people the wrong way.

      The thing is that, price aside, project 24 is actually a very good course for anyone starting out fresh and that does’nt mind the initial investment. But after seeing how much of it’s content is online on youtube right now (not all of it but enough to get you started), I just can’t say it’s a must buy. Especially if I want to maintain my peace of mind and sound sleep lol.

      Seeing results in SEO is a long term game that needs “monk level” patience. The most important thing is not to sit back and admire your 2 written articles while refreshing your analytics page, but pushing forward constantly till you get a breakthrough. Once momentum takes over, then you can trully relax and see results pour in. Best way to maintain your sanity during the long wait is to occupy yourself with other stuff in life. This helps time pass faster.

      Feel free to keep us updated on how your site goes.

      Take care


  14. Thanks for your advice! Really helped. I wish more people on the internet will be honest like you. Love your inspiring story about your monitor! I’m going to just start writing. Thanks for motivating me!

  15. Hi Rob,
    I found your site just today:). I like your openness. I also found Income School’s youtube channel solid good information. I like to share my one simple findings (as a long term failure 🙂 ), No one will disclose everything they know. Initially, they get the knowledge from some successful people, but they have to have a very close relationship with that guru. People only teach a few of their close students what they know and then those students get success and they also get time and money to experiment. When they become tired with their work (they do, b/c its hard work), they start to sell their courses.

    The successful digital marketer’s lifecycle 🙂
    Learn from the inner circle -> apply the knowledge -> make lots of money -> get tired with those hard work -> Start selling their course -> earn more.

  16. Hi, rob.

    That is an awesome review. Congrats 🙂

    I was never interested to buy Incomeschool, because too expensive for me. I am with another business and I was looking for reviews for my blog.

    But I stopped within your review. To know that most of the content can be found on their youtube channel, I am happy never bought the course.

    Writing content regularly is important to get ranked in Google, a lot of people don\’t understand that. I started my blog in April if I am right, but had to stop because something happened to my GF and I was to depressed. I\’ve started again this week writing articles.

    Thanks a lot for this great review. That gives some writing inspirations how to write blog posts :). Is there any way to get in touch with you? I really like your mindset.


  17. Hi!
    It’s refreshing to read a review of this course (which seems amazing) that details almost everything about it. I am now going to dedicate my efforts into starting my blog without worrying about missing out on any information that ‘I might need down the road’.
    However, there is one question which is especially nagging me ever since I downloaded the “350 site topic ideas”. After going through the list, I feel crippled, because all 3 of my site ideas revolve around self-help and education (according to the list, we should not pursue the self-help niche for creating a blog).
    Not only had I been dreaming about creating my blog in the niche for weeks, only recently stumbling upon Income School’s YouTube channel, but I had also constricted an entire site map for my website in addition to formulating ideas for my first 30 posts.

    Sigh. So, this realization is quite daunting.
    This is the only reason why I felt like I have to spend a big amount just to get into the Income School forum and ask my question from the experts directly, if possible.
    Though, to be honest, your insightful review has stopped me short from spending my money only to ask a pressing question about my website niche.
    Thank you for taking the time to write this post and reviewing my comment!


    1. Hi Fatima, it was nice to read your comment, thank you for posting it. Seams to me like a big price to pay for a response to your doubts so there is a 400 bucks worth of pressure on me (or other visitors) to give you an adequate answer 🙂

      The problem with getting into the self-help (subsection of the health niche) niche at this point in time is that Google is now on a campaign to only rank sites with a reputable source of information regarding topics it calls YMYL “your money or your life” and EAT “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness”. I’ll quote you from the google help forums (read more here what this means:

      High E-A-T medical advice should be written or produced by people or organizations with appropriate medical expertise or accreditation. High E-A-T medical advice or information should be written or produced in a professional style and should be edited, reviewed, and updated on a regular basis.

      So this means that if you were to write on topics related to mental health, depression etc which may pop up in a self-help article, Google wants the topic to have doctor/psychologist credentials mentioned in it. For example. Footer credit reads “edited by dr. Jin, a medical researcher at sky hospital for mental health studies blah blah bla”.

      Now the question is, if you are not an official “expert” in this topic, what do you do now? Do you continue with your dream of having a blog (even just for personal satisfaction) in this space knowing that it may never outperform official websites? Will you settle for trickles of traffic? Will you use this site as a testbed or experiment for your writing/entry into the niche marketing world? The questions are endless.

      Google is still refining this algorithm to better understand when content is trustworthy or not so there is still a possibility to get some traffic and rankings. The overall consensus online though is that most people in this space lost a big part of their traffic.

      After 10 years of being in this field, I can tell you that this is not the last stumbling block or frustration you will ever face in Internet Marketing. You’ll have to come up with a bulldozer attitude and just keep ploughing forward. What can’t be pushed down, you’ll have to go around.

      There are so many opportunities for getting into good niches even today. The faster you move on from the roadblocks, the faster you’ll create, fail, create more fail, create some more, WIN.

      Feel free to use my contact page if you have anything you need to discuss.

      Take care


      1. Thank you so much for your enlightening response, Rob!
        I feel as though a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and you’re right when you say ” What can’t be pushed down, you’ll have to go around”.
        I guess I’ll have to work on generating ideas for another niche site now.
        Thank you again!


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