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Project 24 By Income School Review

Updated on December 4, 2018

Project 24 By Income School – Let Me Show You What’s Inside…

Welcome to this review of project 24, a product by the guys at Ricky and Jim. In this review, after looking over the product completely, I’ll be applying my usual no-nonsense approach and will let you know straight-up if it’s worth it to join the program or not.

Product Type: Audio/Video training course.
Project 24 Price: First year for $349 then $199 / year Subscription

To be clear and straight to the point:

Question: Is most of the content in the paid course already discussed on the income school Youtube channel and can you build successful niche sites with that free content?
Answer: Yes and of course. This review will tell you what you get if you choose the paid option.

Introduction to

Income school founded by Jim Harmer and Rick Kessler is an incredibly successful niche site training program and they both run very popular YouTube channel. These guys have managed to make niche sites, an incredibly boring and laborious form of Internet marketing, exciting to learn about.

A picture of Income School Main Website

Their incredible passion and enthusiasm for this is contagious and it’s no wonder why they basically came out of nowhere and exploded onto the scene. The YouTube channel has blasted past some famous niche site YouTube channels to become one of the leaders.

They are fun to watch and are very good teachers.

Making “Making Niche Sites” Great Again! What Is Project 24?

Well, similar to what someone very popular once said, let’s make “niche sites” great again.  This is exactly what income school is all about and in their latest product called project 24, the plan to take you through the steps needed to generate a website or a bunch of websites that will replace your full-time income in about 24 months. That’s the premise, and now it’s time to see if the course delivers on this promise.

Project 24, once called niche site school, consists of video training, PDF e-books, audio podcasts and a very supportive online community via phone app.

So, After Creating So Much Free Content, Is It Possible To Have Something Different In The Paid Course?

This is a very difficult thing to do especially when you start out in a very transparent way as Jim and Rick did. If you’re a follower of the YouTube channel then you know almost all of their websites. You know their keywords, you know their traffic, you know the tactics and you know their earnings. So what can a course behind a paywall give you that you can’t already get for free on their YouTube channel?

This is what I will be exploring in this review so let’s get started.

Quick Personal Advice.

Let me just start by saying that if you believe you need to have the latest shiny objects and you’re itching to spend your money but you know deep down you have little intention of following through with the system, I ask you please, please, close this page and abandon your intentions to buy this course.

Like most courses, this is a guide to hold your hands and help you achieve the goal that you want. There is a community that will answer your questions and you get access to Jim and Rick, but if you don’t do the job, if you don’t write the content or employ someone to do that on your behalf. You are not going to make it. Here below is the proposed timeline, 24 Months.

The timeline of project 24 months system

I always start my reviews by saying this because I personally have also been the victim of shiny object syndrome. Distractions in the Internet marketing world come every day and those that succeed happen to have one thing in common, they can focus on a single system and blank out all of the other noise no matter how interesting and shiny it is.

So now that that’s out of the way let’s see what inside the course.

What Do You Get Inside The Project 24 Niche Site System?

– Project 24 carries over the fundamentals of niche site school which is the 60 step action plan.
This is a list of 60 steps starting from the very beginning up to more advanced tactics needed to create a profitable website. It is backed up by video training. This is where the rubber meets the road. You will have to follow through with the 60 steps if you want to succeed in the project 24 system.

– Video Training, Picking Profitable Niches.

This is a video course about 50 minutes long in which Jim and Ricky take you through the basic steps of finding any site. This is a tried and tested system by them and is what they use on a daily basis to get niche ideas.

profitable niches jim rick

No keyword tools needed, no KGR, no expensive subscriptions needed to pay to get access to these niches. Project 24 offers simple common sense explanation on how to get traffic keywords most Internet marketers would laugh at and fully ignore when creating websites. A quick hint if you don’t know is using Google auto-suggest function as well as also searched for keywords on Google.

– Video Training, No Nonsense SEO.

This is a video course about 50 minutes long in which Jim and Rick take you through their version of SEO. Typically, the guys over at income school do not believe in wasting time on link building. But there are basic on-page SEO tactics needed to make sure that your website is attractive to the Google search engine results.

no nonsense easy seo

Quality content is what is preached by the income school guys so you wont be bothered by having to write guest posts for others was spending all of your time researching link building tactics. I personally am a links guy, I’ve been building links for the last 10 years, but even I have an open mind and I can understand why they don’t focus on this. This is their way and it seems to be working well for them.

– Video Training, Intense Training On Creating Content.

This is the main training and it consists of a series of videos that will take you through the creation of Response, Staple and Pillar posts for your website. It is the largest most detailed part of the course as the project 24 system entails writing lots of content for your website.

creating content, staple, pillar, response posts

– Video Training, Web Traffic Snowball.

This is a video about 55 minutes long on how to drive traffic to your website consistently. How to use social media especially youtube to start getting traffic to your websites while it’s growing in the Google search engine ranking pages.

project 24 youtube traffic guide

You will learn how to produce quality videos to promote your website.

– Video Training, Email Marketing Course.

This part of the course also consists of PDF guides written in the step-by-step format. The goal of building a list is to be able to acquire the following which you can target again and again with quality content and offers and promotions. Building a list according to most marketers is building a treasure, as traffic system can come and go but your list will always belong to you and will be a source of traffic whenever you need it.

– Video Training, Internet Myth Busting

There is a whole video dedicated to myth busting and I don’t have to tell you that the KGR (keyword Golden Ratio) is well covered here. I personally don’t believe in the KGR but I understand if it works for some.

I know from my long years of experience that very high keyword density in a short article usually ranks very well, in some cases better than very long-form content, but I can’t say this for a fact and make it a rule for everyone. I can’t say this because I don’t work for Googles’ algorithm department and what works for me is not a universal fact. This is the reason why the guys over at income school are not very fond of the Keyword Golden Ratio Rule.

KGR myth by income school

It severely excludes a lot of keyword possibilities because it based on the fact that you need accurate search data which is not available to us. This video course goes deep into the reasons why you should just forget about it while showing real-life examples from Jim and Rickys’ websites.

– Video Training, How To Hire And Train Writers.

Creating niche sites is 80% content writing. So whether you write yourself or you employ someone to write, content must be done for the website to become a reality. While Jim and Ricky advocate you always start writing by yourself so that you can set the tone for the website, in the long run, having external writers is the way to go to increase significantly the amount of content on the website. It’s simple basic mathematics how much content will be made if more people were writing instead of one person.

Hire and train writers project 24

It is all outlined in this training video on how to hire and train your writers. There is even a training video for the writers themselves. And all you have to do is send this video over to the person you employ to learn how to write based on the project 24 system.

– Professional Photography Video Course from

There is a bonus course in photography and this is carried over from Jims’ improve photography course. If this is of interest to you then it’s a welcome bonus. It’s very detailed with more than 20 videos on specific photography lessons. From the intro to aperture, to shutter speeds, to focus, to lenses, to tripods, to flash, to Lightroom basics, it’s all in there.

professionally shot video course on photography

– Video Training, Project 24 Members Site Reviews

So far there are more than 10 websites that are fully reviewed in the course. This is a section where members of the project 24 system send over their websites and what they’ve done so far to Jim and Rick and get a review. You can follow along as Jim and Rick expose mistakes and give advice based on what the site owners have created so far. This is a very interesting section on the course as you get to see someone niche site critiqued and improved on.

– Downloadable Files, List of Niche Site Ideas Scored.

  • Included in project 24 is a list of over 350 niche site ideas scored on a set of rules like difficulty, seasonality, potential traffic, evergreen content, if trending up or down, affiliate potential as well as a note by Jim and Rick about the niche/keyword.
  • Also included is a timeline of site creation compared to months of work with a resulting predicted income over 24 months. This is to be a guide as to what you stand to gain if you strictly follow the system as laid out.

– Project 24 Podcast. 2 Seasons/Series So Far

In this section of the project 24 course, Jim and Ricky speak in audio podcast format about 1 of their website and how they improved the income from just around $2000 a month to over $5000 a month by the end of the first season series. So far there are about 15 episodes spread over 2 seasons. The first season goes deep into monetisation which is very important when you’re creating websites. They speak about using ads to supplement Amazon affiliate income and by the end of the series the ad revenue surpassed the Amazon revenue almost on a 2-to-1 basis. The second season focuses on project Rexburg. You can find out more about this ambitious project here on my site.

project 24 podcast from income school

Access to Insider Information on Project Rexburg.

Jim and Ricky just launched project Rexburg. They have already rented a house which will be converted into an office space and have set it up to become a content-producing office. They plan on employing students from the Brigham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho. to write for them. This will be mass producing operation for niche sites and specific URLs, information updates about progress will be revealed only to members of the project 24 course for the initial stage of the project. Regular YouTube subscribers will be able to find out about this after about 6 months.

project rexburg office building

– Online Community & Mobile App.

This is the most important part in the real reason why you are paying to get into the project 24. It’s access to the project 24 community. This is a community of hard-working students following the system some of which carry over from the old niche site school. There is nothing like being together with other like-minded individuals where you can get quick answers to your questions, share your results and keep yourself motivated in this long boring process.

The community of project 24 and phone app

This is the real reason why you join project 24 as a good amount of the course content is available on the YouTube channel already.

In Conclusion. My Opinion on Project 24

So now you know all that you get inside the project 24 course. As a guy coming from public blog networks PBNs, linking, getting slapped around by Google, I’m very open-minded to this system where the focus is mostly on quality helpful content. I have watched all of the income school YouTube videos and now that I’ve looked through the project 24 course I can say that these guys are legit.

They are transparent, they have shown to everyone their websites, their traffic, keywords, income and this is something that not many do online. It is the reason why they are so successful and followed so if you want to get access to them on a personal basis then project 24 is the place to be.

But I always advise, as someone who wants always to have the best bang for his buck, to start a website based on the information provided on freely provided info first (thankfully, in this case, there is a tonne of it). Get it up to a certain level where you start seeing steady traffic and then if you decide to increase the potential of the website you can invest in this course.

So is it for you? It depends. Now you know what’s inside the course, it’s up to you to make the decision. If you have the budget and want to be guided in this process, then I recommend this program. But you must remain committed and see it through.

If you are on a shoestring budget, you can still follow the free videos on the income school youtube channel and build yourself a nice little website.

If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll try to get back to you. I will be updating this review as more content comes through in the course and if there is any specific information I need to pass on to you guys.

Thanks for reading so far and I hope this review helps you find out more about this course. I hope to hear what you think about it in the comments.

As always, I wish you the best in your endeavours.



DISCLOSURE: I’m an affiliate of this product and as you can tell from the review above, it does not sway my opinion on the course.

Blog post transcribed from speech to text using Dragon Professional Individual 15, dictating with a Jabra UC Voice 750 into a Sony digital voice recorder ICD-312-PX. Apologies for strange/random grammatical errors.

This Post Has 14 Comments
  1. Thank you for this thorough review, it is really helpful.
    I have been watching different free youtube channels for almost a year, and ‘income school’ is one of the best.
    However, I always feel that there is something missing or ‘hidden’ in free channels – I am not sure if this is the case for income school- and you only can find it in paid courses. And one more thing, I believe that in paid courses everything will be much more organized especially for beginners.
    What do you think?

    1. Yes M. Akeel, most times there is something hidden in the free channels as you mention and usually you are funnelled to get the paid version for the hidden gem. In the case of Income school, it’s the other way round. EVERYTHING is in the free content and it’s up to you if you want to join the self motivating community in the paid course. The course is organised but as you can see from this review, so is the Youtube content. Choose a niche, get keywords suggested by google for your niche, then write write write. If you don’t start writing you’ll never make it. Even if you paid for the course right now and finished the content in a day, your very next task will be to start writing or hire someone to write.

  2. This is a really great review.

    I only heard about these guys today and am impressed by their youtube videos.

    My biggest sticking point is knowing if I am choosing the correct niche. I am willing to work hard and write, but if all I can get from this course is someone like Rick or Jim helping me to evaluate my niche, then I’ll buy it.

    Imagine spending hours and days on a niche that is wayyyy to competitive…then I would waste more than what this costs.

    If I can have someone personally point me towards the right direction on the niche and angle then I would invest in this!


    1. Hi Ravi, thanks.

      Jim and Rick are pretty busy guys. This is why they made the 60 steps part of the course so comprehensive with guides and videos all the way. Following it should get you set on the right road. They teach you to fish, you try it and put in the work and then you can send them over your site for review and help.

      As mentioned in the review, especially for you that just found out about them, go back and watch their videos from the beginning and that should put you in the right position to start a site right away. Then you will know if you need the extra support provided by project 24.

      Remember that in this line of business, there is no failure but only experience to gain.

      Wish you all the best.


  3. Hello,

    thanks for the review. Wish that I read this before I bought the “Project 24 package”. Right now I am currently in the process of building a site, but frankly: as a digital marketer, I already knew 90 % of the stuff that can be found inside the project.

    It all comes down to:

    – Build a decent-looking website that does not necessarily look too good.
    – Create long, unique content.
    – Remember to use pictures that you have taken yourself.
    – Wait 24 months.

    1. “but frankly: as a digital marketer, I already knew 90 % of the stuff that can be found inside the project.”…

      Unfortunately Amund, as experienced marketers, this is a disappointment we all face. The excitement to spend money is high, then when we get in, all we find is a wake up slap and a finger pointing in the direction we knew we had to go anyway (but we were procrastinating), “GO WRITE THE CONTENT”….

      The redeeming fact with Income school is that these guys are legit and truly care for the success of their students


      1. You are right. Absolutely right.

        I guess this is also why the \”best affiliate marketing gurus\” rather want to teach their tricks to others than spending all of their time creating niche sites. It seems to be more money in simply learning away a trick or two. Went into the \”Income School Sites\” where they tell us how much they earn per site. Income school = 60,000 USD/month, which is WAY more than any of their other sites. There is a reason for that.

        By the way, I totally agree that the Income School guys are 100 % legit.

        1. Yep,

          Alex Becker was sleeping on his mattress which was on the floor of his 1 bedroom apartment, when he started making videos showing his websites ranking with high pr domains. People went crazy about the fact that he showed his urls and keywords (even thought the sites hardly ever made money) and he became a millionaire off of a couple of grand investment.

          People like me however kept all our secrets to our chest, never sold courses and remained “just successful enough, but never massive” lol.

          That’s life and business.

  4. Hey guys, I’ve been following the income school youtube channel for over a year and my small niche site just recently started to make over $200 per month. It took a long time and I gave up many times but kept the site and kept coming back to add content when I got motivated. You have to stick to it and keep building it up.

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us Shintu. Consistency is the key, my huge congratulations on your success. It only gets better from now on.


  5. I have purchased other courses, which I have used extensively, but am not fully satisfied with. Would you suggest I move over to these guys, or try to finish things off with create and go?

    1. Hey Jack, what do you feel was missing in the course you bought that prevents you from moving forward? I’ll be able to tell you if you’ll find that in project 24.

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